Yoga Benefits

Yoga is for everyone regardless of age, size, gender and race. The benefits of yoga provide both instant gratification and lasting transformation. Consistent practice can improve your physical and mental capacity quickly and also prepare the mind and body for long-term health.

Yoga encourages overall health and wellness. It is not just about working out physically but on overall lifestyle. It works on your inner peace and allows students to be still amidst in a world consumed with chaos. With the harmony of good physical body and mental health, your life journey is a lot calmer, happier and much more fulfilling. There is so much more yoga can offer in various ways.

Here are the top 6 benefits of yoga practice.

1. Builds strength and flexibility

Yoga Pose Warrior 3Sedentary lifestyle, jobs and age will cause strong effect on our flexibility and poor posture. Through practicing yoga, strength is built through on various part of your body with your body weight. Yoga poses or postures work on the muscles around your spine and center of your body, which is your core. When muscles are engaged properly, posture will be improved and helps to alleviate shoulder and back pain.

Stretching and holding of posture will allow your muscles to lengthen and gives a leaner body. It also reduces the stiffness in your joints and improves the flexibility and mobility at your joints.

2. Improves Self Esteem

Yoga practice makes you feel strong, limber and healthy, which will boost your self-confidence and self-image. Learning yoga poses create a great sense of pride that will enhance the way you feel about yourself.

3. Inner Peace

In the midst of our daily lives, challenges at work and family consumed our energy away. Many a times, we would need to find the moment to find our inner peace by escaping out of our usual routine for a mini vacation or visit some peaceful places to calm ourselves and rejuvenate. By practicing yoga and meditation, you can also take your mind on a mini vacation on a daily basis to make yourself feel at peace.





4. Strengthen Immune System

By practicing the yoga postures with awareness and the control of your breath, it helps to stimulate your digestive, nervous and endocrine system which which helps to boost your immune system.

 5. Stress Relief

The pressure and stress of our daily lives can often lead to serious disease and illness. Practicing yoga calms the mind and body and eliminates stress-causing toxins. It is for this reason that many students see yoga as a good stress reliever.

6. Overall Fitness

Most physical practices that are good for health also create imbalances in the body. For instance, runners are prone to back and neck problems, weight lifters’ connective tissues become rigid and tennis players risk developing arthritis in their elbows and wrists.

Yoga is one of the best physical activities that enhance body and mind awareness both psychologically and physically without creating any imbalance that could lead to complications or injuries later in life.