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Shakila Omar

Shakila is a certified yoga teacher and therapist with accreditations from Yoga Alliance (USA), Indian Institute of Patanjali Yoga and the International Association of Yoga Therapists (USA). Having a strong affinity for sports and having been an active athlete for more than half her life, Shakila is especially keen on working with athletes to enhance their sports development through yoga. Shakila also specialises in working with children and youth, having once been a school teacher. She feels that yoga can largely supplement an all-around development of both athletes and children. Apart from teaching and healing, Shakila is also a yoga trainer, conducting Yoga Teacher Training and Kids Yoga Teacher Training courses.

She specializes in yoga for kids and yoga for sports development. Shakila holds a Diploma in Child Psychology and Early Education and has experience working in the preschool and early intervention industry. After leaving the preschool teaching field and entering the yoga scene, she focused her work on Kids Yoga, teaching private and group kids yoga classes. Shakila also developed a Kids Yoga Teacher Training programme and conducts workshops for yoga teachers, educators or parents. She believes that yoga has the ability to engage the physical, mental, and socio-emotional domains of an individual. Through yoga, she hopes to provide an avenue for creative expression, moral grounding and holistic development for children.

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