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Jjoyce started developing her yoga practice over 7 years ago, trying several different styles before discovering Therapy Yoga. She felt a profound connection to the practice which opened her body, heart and mind to the many benefits the practice offers and she finds invaluable in helping to overcome the challenges of modern city living.

Originally trained as a Yoga Teacher with Master Saumik Bera the founder of Real Yoga, his teaching and encouragement served to stimulate Jjoyce’s passion for Yoga and encouraged her to continue her journey to deepen her knowledge, develop her skills and explore further the benefits of Yoga as a holistic tool to motivate and help others. She continues this journey by currently giving therapy at UNION YOGA AYURVEDA Clinic and Training Center with Dr Satyam Tripathi, a Doctor of Medicine (MD), Yoga & Rehabilitation using Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy techniques to help with various psychosomatic ailments. Like- Asthma, Sinus, Diabetes, spinal issues, Arthritis issues, Menstrual Disorder issues patients etc.

Jjoyce’s teaching style supports a subtle balance between effort and relaxation, paying specific attention to each student’s individual needs. Her caring, loving and compassionate nature, has won great trust from her patients and students alike. She teaches yoga for Promotion of Positive Health, Classic Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga and Therapy Yoga, students often say they leave her classes “relaxed yet invigorated” and in some cases her guidance and treatment has greatly improved their health.

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