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Chin Chin

Chin Chin fell in love with yoga a while back, and it has become her favourite form of activity that keeping her body heathy while her mind calm. She enjoys the ‘me and myself’ time on her mat, she felt that while on the mat she has a deeper connection to her inner self.

Chin has been practicing difference styles under difference teachers over the years. In 2015, she completed her 200/300-hr teacher training with Union Yoga Ayurveda, Singapore. Chin has been attending yoga workshops and retreats both in Singapore and overseas to deepen her practice and teaching. Influenced by her own practice, Chin enjoys working on endurance and alignment in her class. Often will see her provide her students with hands-on adjustments on the mat. She brings her ‘yoga is for everybody and every BODY’ believe to her class and happy to see every little progress her student made towards their own healthy, balance mind and body yoga journey.

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