Yoga In the Dark 21st May 2016

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Have you ever practice yoga in the dark? In normal yoga classes, we rely a lot on our visual sense to guide us into the asanas or the yoga postures. This time round, let us embrace the darkness and use your sense of hearing to guide you into the postures instead.

In the dark, no one will judge you and you won’t be able to compare yourself to others who are better than you. No adjustment or demonstration of postures will be done as you rely on your sense of hearing during the session to lead you into the posture. Yoga is meant to be experienced in your own body. When you are in the dark, allow yourself to be be guided into asanas or yoga postures. Go deeper within ourselves and connect with our body, mind and soul.

Relax and unwind and breathe in the room of aromatherapy to calm your nerves and mind. Listen to the beautiful sound of Tibetan singing bowl at the beginning of the session. Flow through the asanas or postures in darkness with voice of teacher and your inner voices. Pace of the session is slow and easy to follow so that you will not feel lost in the class.

Your body is put into deeper relaxation with Deep Relaxation Technique during savasana. With a relax and calming mind, we rounded off the session with Trataka which cleanses your eyes and bring the mind to the state of awareness, attention and focus.

*Note: Some yoga experience is required as no demonstration or alignment will be conducted in the session.


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