FAQ for Beginners


  • What equipment do I need to prepare for yoga class?

All you need is a yoga mat to begin with! Should you need more support for stretches and stability, you can obtain yoga blocks and straps from us.

  • What outfit should I wear for class?

Be in comfortable clothing that is made of cotton or breathable fabric. Or be in sportswear such as yoga pants, sports bra and a t-shirt.

  • Is Yoga a religion?

Yoga is not a religion. It is a philosophy that began in India an estimated 5,000 years ago. In fact, yoga can be practiced by anyone from all walks of life. As practitioners, we do not adhere to a particular faith or obliged to observe religious rituals.

  • Why am I not supposed to have food 2-3 hours before class?

During yoga practice, there are many postures that allow us to twist our bodies or be in inversions. If you have not digested your food in your previous meal, you will feel a lot of discomfort during the session. Should you need some food before the practice, it is recommended that you take some light snacks such as fruits, yoghurt or nuts.

  • Can I practice yoga if I am not fit and flexible?

Definitely! Our bodies are all different and in yoga, we believe that yoga is for everyone and we do not compare our fitness level with others. Come and try out the session and more flexible as you practice more often.

  • Do I need to be a vegetarian or vegan to practice yoga?

In Yoga Philosphy, Ahimsa means non-harming to self and others. Therefore, many yogis do not take animal products. However, it is not necessary to be one to practice yoga. It is your own belief and how your diet benefits your health.

  • Can I still practice yoga if I have some health problems?

Yes, anyone can practice yoga. If you have health problems, do share it with our yoga teachers or instructors. They will be happy to customize the yoga practice that suits your body condition and improve your health.