How Yoga help you cope with Graves’ Disease

We got in contact 5 months back and Atiqah was suffering from hyperthyroidism. The symptoms of this medical condition includes weight loss, rapid heartbeat, nervousness, anxiety, sweating, fatigue, muscle weakness and so on. She has been on medication for her condition to be under control.

We met at during her consultation at Union Yoga Ayurveda Singapore. At first, She was hesitant to try out Ayurveda and yoga to help her cope with her medical condition. Thank goodness after some persuasion, she decided to give the therapy a shot. After trying out the first session, she decided to continue and Today her medical report shows that her thyroid level is within range now! That’s the best present ever! ?

We did a combination of Ayurveda therapy with yoga poses to assist her in managing her condition. Now she is a healthy person without relying any medication. We are happy that we have helped another friend to better health in a natural way!

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